Prashnam or Horary Astrology means Hora, the Hour as the term depends upon the hourly movement of the planets.

The branch of science is perfect and most useful in day to day life. An astrologer who has thorough knowledge of the rules and principles, can offer the correct and precise predictions. This branch had advantage over the natal chart that exact time of query is known very accurately. Where as one may or may not be sure about the accuracy of one’s horoscope.

 The rules of Parham are simple. The planet becomes significations., but what is always most essential is sound judgment as to their application for an astrologer and since and earnest desire to ascertain the predictions of his query by the queries.

The querist must be quite certain that he is very serious in as being the question, it should not be for testing the astrologer. If do anything, queries will be affected.

We can see below information thru Prashanam.





Foreign Travel



Pithru Karma


Sample questions:


z Any success in competitive Examination?


z Any foreign Assignment?


z Any foreign travel for me?


z When will I construct a house or buy a plot?


z Will I be MP,M.L.A, or a renowned politician?


z Will get a child?


z After layoff,When will I get the Job?


z Etc.,