Jayalakshmi Kannan — Minneapolis USA



" I know Mr.Venkatesan through one of my friend and I am in touch with him since then (for the past 6 years). I have consulted him in many occasions. From my experience, his predictions are 100% true.  He is very straightforward and honest. We need to have faith, belief and patience to see the results. If needed, he also does necessary pooja/homam on behalf of us, pray the almighty and solves our problems.


 I am very happy to have him as my friend and would recommend him to all my family & friends."

Vijay seshadri — Chennai India



have known Mr.Venkatesan for the past 5 years and he is more a part of my family now. In spite of coming from a big astrology background , he has preferred to lead a very simple life. He worships his father (late. Krishnan Iyengar ) next to god and considers him his astrology guru. His knowledge on astrology and mantras is commendable.


Mr. Venkatesan takes a very sincere and dedicated effort which results in accurate predictions. He never exaggerates nor demoralizes you with his predictions, but has been very honest and straight forward. I

 have personally benefited a lot from his guidance and will continue to trust him for the betterment of my life. I thank him for all he has done and i pray god to give him and his family all health and wealth to live a long life.

Mrs.Meena Kumar- concord, CA : USA


We know, little more than 3 years   After Consulting with him was the best things that happened in my life as things changed for the best.

He is very patient and listens to you. And is very ardent and meticulous in analyzing your situation to suggest the best. It is very important that you believe in what he says and follow the process religiously. You will definitely feel the success. Astrology is not just prediction its a guide to your life. And Astrologers like him help us unravel the puzzle and guide us to betterment.

Sharmila Suresh - Bangalore India


MR.Venkatesan is not just a friend and a well wisher but a wonderful family member to us. His knowledge in astrology is commendable.


In our experience his predictions and calculations are precise and proved to be 100 percent accurate. The moment he takes up a case he becomes more involved in it than us.


The secret behind the success in each case that he handles is his SINCERITY and DEVOTION towards shastras and astrology. All you need to do is trust , believe and follow ,you will surely reach success.

Vijay Anand — Dallas : USA


know Mr.Venkatesan for more than 3 years.

More than success, I got a good friend, philosopher and guide in him. I learnt a lot about Sasthram and Sampradhayam from him. His answers are to the point. You need to ask him the right question to get the answer. He is never biased towards anyone. His views are open and honest.


Faith and Belief are the words I would like to put forth about his consultation. If you believe in what he says, then it will happen. The time taken will be more or less, but it will happen.

Krishnan Raghavan, Fairfax, VA, USA.


It is only a few months since we have been introduced to Sri. Venkatesan, but I feel like we know him forever.


Of course Venkatesan is very gifted in analyzing the horoscopes, making accurate predictions, and suggesting simple, effective 'parihaarams' for any specific life problem.

What separates him from other famous astrologers I know of, is his dedication: he listens patiently and grasps the situation quickly and, in conjunction with horoscope reading, personally seeks divine guidance through 'prarthanas' and 'poojas'.


I am amazed with his accurate timeline predictions. I wholeheartedly recommend him to our friends and relatives.